Best Platform To Share Blogging Articles in 2022


Today we are going to learn about some Platform To Share Blogging Articles Now days Blogging is the best and trending in the whole of the world. And now billions of users create, publish and share their blogs or articles in daily life but it’s too important that where they share their articles. The best platform is very much required to share a variety of types of articles and blogs.

Platform To Share Blogging Articles
Platform To Share Blogging Articles

Why do we share articles?

If you have any article then you need to share your article, index it on a search engine, and another working process that helps the article to grow in the Google search engine. And those people who need those types of articles to gain any such type of information, also get your post which you share.
New bloggers survive very much whenever they want to gain traffic in their article or post. And they also share their articles here and there. And at last for the result, they gain temporary traffic which has no value because the visitors visit their blog just for formality.

So it is affecting your blog SEO very deeply and it would be harder to rank your blog on Google search engine. But if you choose the best platform where people find their topic and in this case, you share your blog article or link on that platform then it would be more chance that the person who needs the article click your link and he or she will redirect to your blog post.

So that is why you have to choose the best platform where you can share your blog ideas and blog post. And in this post or article, we specially discuss those platforms which are safe and secure. And after discussing those platforms we just discuss the pros and cons of those platforms.

Share Blog Articles
Share Blog Articles

The best platform to share blog articles

Now it’s time to discuss the top best, secure and important platform where you can share your blog article easily. And for the results, only those people will click your article link who wants to know more about your particular niche.
Here those are discussed one by one and if you are already joining those platforms in any case then don’t worry you are on the right platform and no need to leave that platform just work hard, publish and share your article.

1. Google Question Hub

Google Question Hub
Google Question Hub

If you using the blogpost platform to create your blog then google suggests using Google Question Hub because in this platform worldwide wide people ask a variety of types of questions. And when you finish your article a d successfully index that article in Google search engine then according to your article topic you have to search that topic on the Google question hub.

You see a lot of questions that people ask and if people ask as same as that question which you already wrote an article then you just copy the URL address of that article and when you tap the answer button of that question it will ask you to enter the URL address of your article.
Now you successfully answer that question and do you know, all questions and answers are automatically indexed on the Google search engine. So whenever a person searches the same keyword or question then he or sees that the same question and answer then whenever he clicks the answer he or she will redirect to your article.

This is the best method to share your article and by sharing your article as an answer those people will come to your blog or website who wants to know that topic according to your blogging niche.

2. Quora


Quora is also as same as the Google question hub platform where people ask a lot of questions with different topics. And those people who will know the answer, he or she wrote a perfect article on that question topic and publish an article. Then that person writes a short answer and at last, he or she will give their article link.

And that person who will search this question then he or she will get your short answer and at last, they found your article link. And for the result, they also visit your article and read the full post so the quota is also important for every blogger where they can easily share their article.

3. Medium


This platform is also very much important for every blogger and Medium also allows everyone to create your portfolio or channel where you can share your ideas with worldwide people. So bloggers can share their articles on medium because this is one of the trusted places where everyone shares their post. And this is also indexed fast in the google search engine so that when you share your article on the medium than it will index much faster than your original article.

And when a user searches anything on Google and they will see your medium post and they click that post here you have to write a short article as same as quota and at last, you have to give the full article link, you can also interlink your article and push that. And for the resulting user will come to your article and they read the short article which you wrote and at last, they click your main article link.

So these are the platforms where you can share your article or article link. This platform helps you to drive organic traffic to your blog website. And that traffic is not temporary but they are real and they also visit your website or blog from time to time to read a more interesting article. So it’s your responsibility to make a unique article so that it attracts more and more people.

Final words

At last in this post, we only suggest sharing the best platform like google question hub, quora, and medium, etc. And now the time there are a lot of platforms comes in a market where bloggers can share their articles. And it’s your responsibility to use such type of platform which is best and secure for your blog post. Well, this is overall details about the best platform to share blogging articles.

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