How To Recover Deleted Files In Android Free and Easy in 2022


Hello Guys, today we are going to learn how to How To Recover Deleted Files. In our daily life, every people delete some files such as Pictures, Videos, Audios and other documents. Well, it’s very important to delete the waste files from your Android smart devices because if you don’t delete the waste files then your Android device’s memory is full and further you can’t load any new files on your Android device.

So in that case somehow this is good to delete the waste files from devices but in some cases where people delete their important files by mistake. And further, they can’t restore the files which they delete they may think that this is impossible to restore those files whether some people thought that it is possible to restore but how to restore and what is the process, they didn’t know that.

So in this post, we gonna discuss that how to restore those deleted files which you deleted by mistake. And here we also include the delete WhatsApp Message restore process. That means after reading this post you not only restore your old deleted files but also you can restore your WhatsApp deleted message which is sent by your WhatsApp contacts.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Android
How To Recover Deleted Files In Android

What is the File Restore Process?

File Restore process is the process where we can restore your old files such as pictures, audio, videos, and other data. This is a very simple process to restore those old files and in this process, we did this restoring process with the help of some software. Although different types of software work on different types of operating systems.

And in this post, we discuss only those software that is supported on the Android operating system. And with the help of this software, you can restore all your deleted files and WhatsApp messages. The restore process is very much important for those people who want to restore their deleted files. Although this software will very much helpful for people some people use this software the wrong way.

restore files
restore files

Software that helps to restore files

We need some software to restore our deleted files and that software is already available on the Google play store and free for everyone. And here those are discussed one by one –

1. Deleted Photo Recovery – Recover Deleted Photos

This application is a response to recover those deleted photos which we delete by mistake. And this application is one of the best software for Android devices which helps us to recover. As per the name of the application, you know that this application only recovers our deleted photos not only audio and video. Well, we have to use other applications which recover audio and video files.

Whenever you install this application on your device and open it will ask you to give some permission. After you give the permission then it will start scanning your device and it may take some time to scan your device. And after completing the scan you can see your all deleted photos. And to restore any deleted photos you just click the image and press the restore button. Well, it’s too easy to restore your deleted photos.

2. Media File Recovery – Recover Deleted Video and Audio

This application is also as same as Deleted Photo Recovery application but here you can recover deleted video and audio files. At first, when you open this application you have to give the following permission if it asks. After that this application will scan your device and show all deleted audio and video files. To recover those deleted video and audio files.

Disadvantages of recovery
Disadvantages of recovery

Disadvantages of recovery

There are some disadvantages of this application and some bad people will recover your all data like images, audio, and video files when you sell your device to someone. But do not worry in this section we provide the solution to that problem and the solution is before you are going to sell your smart device it might sure that you just reset your device.

And this is the main reason that other people just recover your all data which is deleted due to the reset option. They just use that type of recovery software and recover your data so before you are going to sell your device you have to reset your device.

After resetting successfully just open again your device and save any random images, audio and videos from the internet with any category. Then again reset your device and this time it is done. And whenever someone tries to recover your data then they only found your random data which you save through the internet before resetting your mobile. So it is the best solution that helps you to secure your original data.

Recover deleted whatsApp messages
Recover deleted WhatsApp messages

Recover deleted whatsApp messages

Okay, so here we discuss the recovery process of Images, audios, and videos but what about WhatsApp delete message recovery. Well, it is now an important and trending topic. And that is why that if someone sends us a message on WhatsApp and before we see the message they delete that message and now we can’t read that message.

And everyone faces this situation but after reading this post you can also read that deleted message on WhatsApp. We just need an application that helps us to recover our deleted WhatsApp messages and also it has a lot of other features which we can use on WhatsApp. So here is the application –

WhatsTool Application

This application is free and you can get this application on the Play store and app store. This is one of the best applications where you get a lot of features that you can use on the WhatsApp application. And Recover delete message is one of the features of this application.

When you install this application to your smart device and open this application you have to create an account. After creating your account just come back to the application homepage and scroll down and now you see the recover deleted messages option then just click it.

It may ask to give the permission so after giving the permission then all done. At now when any person sends a message and then deletes that, then you just open this app and you can see that delete the message in the recovery deleted messages section.


Final words

The recovery process is the most important at now the time and you have to follow several steps during this process. Although this process is very much useful whether some people use this software in the wrong way so be aware of these types of people. Follow all steps and instructions and that will help you to secure your data.

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